Wednesday, August 22, 2012


This will consist of mainly pictures like the previous renovation blog post but I am happy to answer any questions if you happen to think of any while browsing the photos. My father did this 1500sq ft of landscaping in THREE DAYS!! He dug out the holes to throw the sprinkler system in, put in the sprinkler system, filled those holes after testing, spread out a few yards of triple mix, following the final steps in laying out all the rolls of sod. It is an amazing thing to be able to let your slider glass door open and let your child roam free. The mister was also amazing and built a fence on the side of the house where the grass ends to keep the dog on its own side of the yard and off of the grass. It has yet to be sanded and painted but one day I will have my little white picket fence. :-)

Let the digging and pipping begin

Its happening

sprinkler heads and a border


Evening it out

Ready for sod


3 pallets of sod 

Rolled out

Trimmed up


From ugly to Fab!  

So fresh and so clean..clean

our little picket fence

The man who put in all the sweat hard work and soreness to make it possible for his grandbaby to have all that yard to be a toddler in :-) he's an awesome dad!

The little moments that count :-)

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