Friday, September 23, 2011


One of the TOP things on my list to do doesn't always mean priority when my little friend Procrastination comes along. There are so many things I'd like to talk about but this friend of mine keeps visiting and I know there is plenty of time in the day to get to do the things I want to do but Procrastination has his own agenda lol

I know I am not alone in this friends! Do you ever have a sink of dishes you know you will get to eventually but some how hours go by and they haven't magically disappeared? Or clean laundry in the dryer just waiting to be folded but some how restarting the dryer seems to be working just fine, well that's where I'm at when my friend comes along and at this particular moment he is HERE!!! I want to start my serious blogs but some how his agenda is preventing the start of a potentially amazing read :-)... well maybe not amazing but entertaining? maybe?? There are soooo many things I'd like to touch base on and eventually I will get there. Things like the days that have brought me to where I'm at now, meeting the man of my dreams, having an amazing daughter that has not only opened up my eyes to a whole new world but has taught me so much, getting married, moving to an unfamiliar place, friends, family, LIFE! I am definitely excited to get to share all of the above to finally catch up to this day and time but for now Procrastination calls :-)

To be continued...

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