Thursday, September 29, 2011


So as you guys can see the name to my URL is now you may be wondering what the heck is a fidalisc, well I've been wondering that all day. We use it so much around here its never had a clear definition. Its a word we stole from a YouTube video and we haven't stopped using it since. They didn't even mean to say that word in the video it was extremely random but fun to say, but here I go I will define it with the help of my room mate/my daughters godfather. 

Fidalisc-  (Fe-Da-Le-SK)[noun, verb, adj, pronoun etc] A word used to represent whatever or whoever it is you are talking about at the moment,past, or place.

             Ex. 1) Can you please pass the fidalisc?
             Ex. 2) HEY! Quit fidaliscing around!
             Ex. 3) He who fidalisc's and has to be asked to stop fialiscing is Mr Fidaliscer.
             Ex. 4) I love me some fidaliSC!

See with the word its all based on the context of your conversation it could be a bad word or just a fun silly word. It's a word we use often around here and have tons of fun saying, never fails to make me laugh or even just smile big lol. I suppose its an inside joke kind of a word but when all the go to words to use for the name of this blog like say my last name, my first and last name, my last name first name with numbers, and so on and so forth were all unavailable the first thing that popped in my head was Fidalisc. So there you have it the name of my blog defined the best way possible and I will possibly record it and upload it later if I remember but I hope you enjoy using it, practice saying it, or just throwing it around and if you have any further questions feel free to ask :)

Side note from the co-founder of the word:
(FidaliSC not to be confused with a PadalaSK! -Mark Schweitzer)


  1. lol yeah fidalisc gets lots of play around here. I hope that my pub people start using it as well as it can be applied to so many things that dwell in a kitchen!You gotta post the video!!!!

  2. you are adorable and i will be keeping up with your blog <3 Nicole