Thursday, October 6, 2011

Mini Rant

Okay I may have to go on a small rant right now after running into a blog post on a clearly tagged Down Syndrome topic page. Alright I don't know why but some people seem to think using the "R'" word( it being the word Retarded) as a go to word when discussing certain things. Now I'm not going to pretend I'm miss high and mighty and have never used the word when speaking but not until it was pointed out to me did I realize how ridiculous I sounded using it. So I will go on this minor rant for those who were like me and have never realized they are using a very offense filled word. Being a mother to a daughter with a disability I know this word will be used to describe certain lack of abilities but to use it in vein is something a person should really think twice about especially if ever effected by it personally or not. There are other words you can use instead of the "r" word, use dumb, use stupid, use ridiculous but don't use the "r" word. People do suffer from mental retardation and it shouldn't be used against them seeing that it is nothing anyone has control over. So for a person to use it without knowing the meaning behind it sounds out of line. The word seems to roll off the tongue easy or something because its not just people in your every day run ins that may be using it but the word is ALL over television used jokingly and in "funny" situations like "don't act "r", or "you look "r", and seriously I'm some what surprised people think its so funny, BUT again you may be one of those people that like myself and have never realized your choice in words and I know I've been one to point it out to friends and family and it was never a word used to be made offensive so everyone has understood. I would never want someone to use that word when describing my daughter and I have no idea why it has never been made known to writers or producers all around the world seeing that there are so many different types of Intellectual disabilities and levels or forms of them that more people haven't stood up for what they believe is right by it. I know I may not be the only one offended by it and I'm sure people have tried but for all of you who know me or don't and remember ever using the "r" word just think twice maybe in the future and if you have friends that happen to use this word in your presence if you could just point it out to them because they just may be like us.
It is October and also the month where we celebrate all those who have changed our lives in the most positive way and try and share it with anyone and everyone. It is Down Syndrome Awareness month and if I can post this and get even just one person to pass on the message of using the "r" word I'm a happy camper. DS is a chromosomal defect in the 21st making the out come of chromosomes 47 instead of the usual 46, causing differences in appearance and the way of learning. The severity range from mild to high in the abilities of those effected by there extra chromosome but no difference should it make to those on the outside looking in. Those effected by DS see the world none of us will be able to, they are able to do other things we will never be able to do and they are happy always fun, loving individuals that don't need anyone's pitty just understanding. Though they may not be able to function the same as a person with 46 chromosomes they are still beautiful human beings that deserve all the respect anyone gets regardless of having an Intellectual Disability. For all of you who didn't know now you do and for many who still use the term mental retardation that is the clinical term to use but its synonym is Intellectual Disability so if that helps reduce the use of the "r" word in vein I'm glad to share it.  Below are some links for those of you who may not know about DS or if you are interested in more information about it.

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  1. Language is always tricky, but just making people aware of the words they use is such a big step. Love the picture! Thanks.