Monday, November 28, 2011

Little Creatures & Such

Well I can't begin to tell you guys the very many creatures we run into on a daily here. There are so many little cute, nasty, ugly, interesting things that show face throughout the day. We've made it a game to name the very many regulars we have or at least try to when we don't forget the names we've dubbed on them lol. We share our home to those little guys that come often whether it be our yard, kitchen or pool. There are a few regulars around here that I become worried when I don't see them. I know it might sound silly that I worry about mainly our two resident geckos when I don't see them in there usual spot above the sink at the kitchen window where we have daily conversations about things I can't even remember I know now I sound crazy yes I talk to the geckos lol A stay at home mom gets bored from time to time and when you get the same response from the geckos as you do your toddler it doesn't seem so strange :-)

But our adventures with all the living and non-living things started immediately and its hard to not want to collect and keep them all like Pokemon cards. "Gotta catch um' all Pokemon" lol They are awesome!
The first week we were here this little guy was brought home from a find off a work route and it was the first time in my life that I have ever seen and held a chameleon. Needless to say it was way COOL!!! Wish I would've kept the little guy but we all knew it was best for him to be back where he belonged in the wild. 

The geckos however are another story, pet or not they are around at all times and there is not a day that goes by that you don't see at least one. Especially having the ones that live in our kitchen but there is a small pound in our backyard that is home to multiples. They hang out there all day sun bathing, eating, or just fighting with one another it is awesome to walk out and see more than 7 just kickin' it. These guys are cool. A lot of Hawaiians however don't find them to be so cute seeing that they kill the native Hawaiian lizards and eat them or run around in your homes and poop all over your walls. Those guys are taking over and some like them and some don't me , I like um' :-)

They are extremely cute and photogenic! 

This guy is a night crawler and he's see threw, there are a few that hang out around the house every night and are ugly and cute all at the same time. I've always wanted to catch one of these in particular but something about them makes me want to look and not touch :-)

This chameleon lives in our spare bedroom his name is Pollock. the wild outdoors just behind closed doors. Its pretty cool how fast these guys adjust and become domesticated he blends right into the trees and hand feeds crickets out of your hand, turns colors when agitated and interesting to watch.

The Turtles!!!!! Need I say more?! Awesome!!

The rest of the photos bellow are just random pictures taken here and there and everywhere little pieces of the island for your eyes to enjoy. I cannot begin to describe the beauty of all things around or even describe the feeling that engulfs you while your here, such a humble and beautiful experience that I only wish to pass on pieces to all of you who have never been. Hawaii isn't just a paradise but home to many so if you ever do get the chance to visit take a second and thank and appreciate all these things that stay beautiful by the people who live here.

Birds of Paradise (I think lol) 

The island of Maui so close but yet so far
Palms Galore 

Pool Side Sunsets Breath Taking Everytime

Mahalos for reading and Aloha for now :-)

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