Tuesday, November 1, 2011

On A Daily

Marley is very much on a schedule like I have mentioned before and I'll lay it out as sort of a future guideline for parents to compare to their own maybe or even just to give you guys an idea of what goes on during our days. Never do we really divert from this schedule and when we do its rare and unplanned. Things run easier when we stick to the schedule and are better predicted when we know what is what and when is when.

6-7a.m - Wake up
         ~ Depending on her energy level from the night before depends on her actual wake up time but its pretty regular on a daily and very routine.

7-8:30 - Resting time/ t.v show (signing time, Dora, Imagination movers etc.)
         ~ Resting time is very much meant for me mostly, just a few extra minutes to help me wake up are extremely beneficial and its all routine so Marley is super mellow during this time and lays with me quietly. Getting closer to 8 she asks in sign to get down off the bed and play and during this time she will cruise around the room and play with her toys or just take them all out and makes a big mess. Also she will sometimes ask for a movie and that is when I pick a show to put on for her and she will happily sit next to me and watch what ever it is that is playing. :-)

8:30-8:45 - Dress/ Breakfast prep time
           ~ This time is used to change her diaper and pick an outfit for the day and get her breakfast ready, set out her medicine and get her a cup of water going while she waits and I give her vitamin while I set up.

8:45-9a.m - Breakfast
          ~ These meals are always rotated between 3 main dishes, oatmeal, pancakes, and cereal. All 3 have about 2-3 sides fresh fruit, dried fruit and dry cereal or crunches.

9-11:45 - Free play/ activities
          ~All depending on the day and Marley's mood this time is used to practice signing, learning colors, putting puzzles together, singing songs, reading books, going to the park, playing in the yard, going to the beach, therapy, or just running errands to the store. All depending on the day.

11:45-12p.m - Lunch Prep

12- 12:15 - Lunch Time
              ~ Foods at lunch time are all very different and random and mostly consist on leftovers or what ever I can scramble up at the last minute. Marley is very easy to feed, she loves and enjoys all foods. Though lately she has become a handful from time to time I have to bargain with her and what she will eat. A bite of food in exchange for a goldfish or crunchie because she acts like she doesn't like the food options given to her but knowing that she does its not a negotiation if you don't want it you don't eat because if I start jumping at all the "no's" she wants to start giving then there would be no end to the back and forth I'd be doing.

12:15- 12:30 - Wine down (change diaper, sit on potty, get comfy)
12:30- 1p.m - Rest time
               ~ Before nap time I like to give Marley time to relax and just stop everything that's going on. After she eats we come back into the room toys put away, tv off and just sit and relax and get ready for nap. She has started to ask for things before its time to go to sleep so I limit it to just her cup of water so she doesn't get too fussy or excited and at this time she just hangs out in her bed and relaxes herself to bed. Sometimes I do have to help her down and I will still pick her up and hold her until she falls asleep but most of the time she does a good job all on her own.

1- 2:30/3 - Nap Time
           ~ I take this time to clean, blog, shower, or even nap myself sometimes its good "me" time.

3-4p.m - Wake up (diaper, potty, water cup, t.v show)
    ~ Marley has started more consistently using or sitting on the potty which is exciting news, before our move to HI she was using the potty quite often but the change in move and the actual toilet has made her sitting a little less comfortable but nonetheless she is going "pp in the potty" and it never fails to excite the both of us every time.
4- 4:15 - Snack Time
         ~ I like to keep snack time different as often as I can and allow different treats or snacks to be rotated into the routine so they vary from applesauce, pudding, jello and yogurt with the sides of a fresh fruit, dried fruit, and a dry cereal, rice cookie or cereal bar. I know Marley never minds what it is for snack because she will eat what ever is put in front of her at this time but I'd like to think rotating different things keeps them all new and less boring each time.

4:15- 5:45 - Free play
        ~ Backyard, playroom, park, coloring, painting, chalk, a trip to the store or just lounging around its hard to say what it is we do with some of the time we spend together because it's not always the same thing but what ever it is we do we do it :-)

5:45- 6p.m - Dinner Prep

6- 6:15/6:30 - Dinner
          ~ We never all eat dinner at the same time so again these meals are random and may consist of the meal we had the night before whether it is chicken and rice, pasta, beans no matter Marley's meals are always well rounded, I know for a fact this girl eats better than I do most days.

6:30- 7:30pm - Movie/Show (chill out time)

7:30- 8p.m - Bath time
            ~ ALWAYS a fun time well I say always until it comes to the part when it's about to be done :-) She loves it. There is never a time when something can't be taught or practiced and with the things they make now a days you can teach your child anything at any given time. Marley isn't near learning her letters or numbers but it never fails to introduce them and have them around. During bath time we practice pronouncing letters that she is close to saying but also the colors when she is willing and also getting better with hand eye coordination and using both of her hands while playing in the tub she never feels like she is working in there so its easy to get her to do things during her favorite time of the day.

8-8:30 - Wine Down

8:30- 9p.m - Bedtime
               ~She still needs help getting to sleep so depending on her energy I help her fall asleep during this time whether its rubbing her back or rocking her to sleep, she has however become a 2 year old in this aspect I used to get to hold her to sleep and now she is restless and wants to lay down all by herself I'm thinking this is the "big girl" stage coming in which is very bitter sweet my baby isn't such a baby anymore :-) but anywhere between this time is when she goes down for the night.

               ~ Everyday is different as I mentioned before a few times some days its easier for the both of us to just turn a movie or educational video on and let things go to where ever they may and other days its easier to work with Marley using words, sign, and teaching her all the things her therapists suggest, so depending on the day, weather, and mood it doesn't matter what, there is always something waiting to be learned and done. During the day it may seem to you from the schedule that the t.v gets turned on a lot but in reality Marley stays busy making messes or wondering around the house and playing with her toys more than anything, the t.v is more of a background noise and music than it is a sit down thing it is not my "babysitter" and Marley doesn't sit around long enough to watch a whole episode so t.v is never a go to its more of an intermission kind of thing sometimes.

- But once the day ends the next comes and then it starts all over again. :-)

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