Monday, November 21, 2011

Rough Day

It's so weird, I feel like I've been missing out a little lost even. I have so many thoughts running through my head as time passes and I can't ever get them straight or in order for that matter. There is always something to write about but putting it into words can be a little hard for me. It's all in my head I can't even speak of them because they are so out of order I don't even know where to start...

So let me start off with today and my morning. This particular morning has been a little difficult, Marley has been in a crazy mood today and I don't know what has gotten into her and its making me CRAZY!!! She isn't being herself and I've checked all the possibilities (like tummy ache, cold etc.) so really she's just having one of those days. It's so weird having a fussy crying baby because I am not used to her being this way. She is a mellow, happy girl 98.9% of the time so when she cries over every little thing as simple as a cup of water it makes me want to pull my hair out! I'm reminded of how lucky I am, I don't have to go through these motions and frustrations on the regular and how lucky I am that even though she isn't verbally speaking she is still able to tell me what she wants without all the chaos. So when things get crazy I am at a loss of patience which is so weird for me. I have been in the daycare business for over five years and dealing with tantrums and crying children is my thing, I'm good at it BUT when it comes to Marley it is so different you would think I can just pull my skills out of my Mary Poppins bag and figure it out but nope, I wish it was that easy but here is what I do; I take a step back and remember we all have difficult days no matter how old you are and take a deep breath, find my patience and let her cry it out a bit, ask her if she is all done (throwing her fit or crying) if she isn't I wait but when she is we move on from there. I know I am not the only one that deals with these tantrums or frustrations so it would be cool to get feedback as to what other mothers do when they're kids are having rough days. It is so much like a roller coaster ride too because one second she's fine playing and the next BOOM fit central I almost have to laugh to myself because what could possibly be so horrible for a toddler who needs for nothing, I shake my head in confusion and then come back to the reality that this little thing is still hysterically screaming WOW! It's so crazy how easy it is for me to zone out and block the screams of not just her cries but any kids for that matter especially when there is NOTHING wrong! Now if she was sick or hurt that would be a different story but nope they're just random bursts of emotion that then turn into random smiles and signs of contentment until the next, but for now she is just having one  of those days and I'm off to deal.

How Can Someone So Cute Be Such A Pill

Wish me Luck! :-)


  1. Honestly sis you did the right thing. Sometimes they just have to figure it out on their own you know. Kids are brilliant and well you have already seen it being in the daycare biz. Kids blow some of us away on how smart they are. So they sometimes have to be left alone and they need to stop and think if i stop kicking and screaming i might be able to get what i want or let them know what i want. You were right there the whole time you knew she was alright nothing was wrong with her so it was just her throwing a fit. All kids do it and well its just a normal reaction sometimes with them. They dont know how to fully express themselves and well sometimes a fit is what is right to them. But you gotta let them know hey you arent gonna get what you want like this so tell me when you are ready. I know Kayda does it all the time and ive read some where is that as long as you know she is safe the best thing to do is just let them be even walk away at times its that whole "self soothe" thing they talk about. But in my opinion sis you did the right thing Marley is a brilliant lil girl and she will figure it out and well if not she is just having "one of those days" and it will pass and she will be back to being her calm self in no time. I Love you sis and we need to talk soon. I Miss you cant wait to see you but more than i anything i want to see my lil girl give her loves from her uncle and Tristen keeps asking about you.

    ps. I do follow you

  2. Girl i think its just something that happens with all kids but especially girls. Us girls are just emotional beings and it starts young. When ever my kids throw a fit i just tell them go to your room and when your done we can talk about it. The boys usually get over it right when i tell them to go to their room but my little girl is a hot mess and drags it out so going to her room is definitely what she needs to think about her actions and if the fit she is throwing is actually worth sitting in her room by herself when she could be playing with her brothers or whoever. Sounds like in my eyes you reacted just right and as the previous person said its a form of them learning how to self soothe. Some days are harder than others but just react consistently and it'll work our just fine. Keep up the good work!

  3. Thanks guys I appreciate your feedback :-) I know every child is different and they go about solving there own issues their very own ways its just good sometimes to see what other parents are doing to help them get over the little humps they have whether it be daily weekly or hourly. So thank you again for your feedback