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Seeing that I had ZERO posts in December I felt it only fair to go back a few weeks and recap on my festivities. I'm a simple character and I'm not crazy about celebrating holidays, the only one that has ever really mattered to me was Thanksgiving and it was AWESOME this year! (upside down turkey = WIN)

From Male Turkey

To our lovely Female Turkey

Deliciousness in our mouths non-stop

Upside down leaves your white meat just as juicy if not juicer than your dark

Team Work in the kitchen ended us with turkey overdose, it was so good! I'm drooling! lol

Now to my December festivities as soon as I landed in Reno began the Christmas shopping.Winter cloths shopping too! Not a lick of winter cloths were left in our wardrobe so we had to get us in warm cloths fast! That is where I began, back to jeans and sweatshirts I went with some new edition long sleeves and shopping for Marley was the best part. I LOVE getting that girl in cloths she is SO FREAKING CUTE! lol So a variety of outfits for her galore! After we were all warm and bundled I can get to the Xmas list (online shopping FTW) I didn't even have to leave really which is the funny part. Spent all that time making sure we had cloths to go out in the cold in and I can't even remember how many times we actually left the house. I hate leaving! So December consisted on boring hibernation nothing BIG or extreme that I can think of. Marley has been attached to my moms hip since we landed and is back to bossing my little sister around, its like she never left. She yearns to be in the water which makes me sad to think of the amount of water play and pool time she is missing out on, its a fight to get her out of the bath. Other than the usual things like keeping to Marley's daily schedule I have many pictures below to all the many things I've been up to that have been keeping me away from my precious blog enjoy!

First on the list CLEAN RINGS!!! The first time in MONTHS and they came back looking NEW I was mesmerized for days! 

Family time!! All my Aunts and my Mom

More Family Time Brother Brandon & Cousin Jenny

Back to the grinds Arroz con Leche and Cinnabons how I missed them so..

They waited for Marley and I to put the Christmas tree up so that was fun to do. It was the first time we put a big tree up in YEARS!!

Marley in semi-winter attire and MITTENS! :-)

Attached to the hip I say!

She started smiling like this every time the flash comes on and wont let me catch her with her eyes open anymore its pretty funny!

Winter Cloths!! I got my boots with the FURR :-p

Just a Shaka Kinda Time Chillin'


Getting in bed with boys not even weeks after being back what a hussy!! Lol Jk Little/Big Tristen Dugger & Marley hanging out

Christmas Ready

Marley Just waking up being cute and what not

I got FOOTSIE PJ's!!!! So Marley and I decided to take this moment and enjoy our PJ time together :-) I'm in love and want to die in these!

More cousin time, I'm teaching this girl how to bake ;-) Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

Its no Island salad but it will have to do, I've been trying different things to meet my new found cravings

Marley being a hoodie girl :-)

New Years Hat!

Just baking baking baking!! These were probably the best cookies I have ever made!! From scratch I know it looks store bought but NO people I put my love, sweat, and tears in these :-) Weather appropriate cookies

Step by step they looked like the most unreal batch of Chocolate Chip Cookies EVER :-)

Crunchie on the outside and perfectly soft in the middle!

Moms Famous fried fish, rice, and pasta salad

Found a new app that pretty much completes me lol!

Just driving around in the cold and what not but never without the trusty portable DVD player

Reminds me of delicious meals Robin would make for me makes me miss all that deliciousness when I have to do this without you :-( But doing these little things makes me feel like I still have you guys around :-) thank you for giving me rad skills :-)

New Hair!!! As you may have seen in my last post! Keeping myself busy in multiple ways

More family time with my brothers

Here I am spending time trying to get my fish out of the water it took more than 5  minutes and the water was completely gone!

Breakfast time with Marley Brown :-)

So as you can see from the many pictures I have shared I've been doing a little bit of this and that and still some days I wonder where the heck has time gone?! Everything happens so fast and all those little things that I feel sometimes were nothing, like I didn't do or accomplish anything the whole day really add up to loads of memories even just small ones. Everyday is different and some days do seem to move slower than others but at the end of the day looking at Marley I know it was a good day no matter what. I may add that I purchased Just Dance 3 for my Wii and have been gaining some wicked dance moves over the last few weeks so not only am I baking and cooking, I'm DANCING! I'll let you know how that goes ;-) 

To be continued....

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