Monday, January 9, 2012

Traveling with a Toddler

Can I just start this off by saying MOVING SUCKS!!!! Especially when the moving requires you to board planes, have long lay overs, and lame airline assistance! Let me tell you when the airline services claim to offer you assistance or assistance to those with disabilities they LIE and if they do some what help they do it with the worst attitude and look at you crazy. I can't tell you how many people I wanted to slap on this trip back to the mainland OH MAN!!! This particular flight attendant comes to mind, while Marley was watching her movie on her portable DVD player this lady has the nerve to tell me she needs to have headphones on. My internal reaction was as follows: [ BITCH if you would bother to fucking read your flight manifest you would know my daughter has a disability and teaching her how to put fucking headphones on isn't a top priority seeing that we are focused on teaching her how to communicate and other life skills before all else so SHUT THE FUCK UP ain't nobody in the back of the damn airplane complaining and can't nobody else hear it or is complaining SHIIIIEEEETTTTT]. I can't begin to express my frustrations but Marley did GREAT! There were no weird-o's to speak of, no smelly people near us, and no other things or obstacles that make traveling a bit more uncomfortable than need be. So my complaints end their. I was very impressed with the way Marley behaved herself not one cry or tantrum throughout our whole trip and the long lay over that required us to stay the night at a near by hotel was actually better than going straight through. A good in between break from our travels and Seattle's airport provided this amazing overnight baggage service. I didn't have to drag my two over sized bags back and forth to the airport, they kept them there nice and safe for me for a small fee well worth it I may add. The whole travel was exhausting, emotional,draining and it is probably something I wouldn't do alone in the future, well let me clarify I would definitely travel again just Marley and I but NEVER move across the ocean by ourselves! Daniel was a BIG help the first time around and I think I would just stress myself out more than need be to do it again like I did this time around. Big thanks to Mark & Robin for getting us to where we needed to be and helping out along the way I couldn't have done it without you guys! 

Marley and I just enjoying the last true blue sunny sky before we start our journey to the cold.

I remember arriving and coming through identical gates. Time just passes by so fast it may not have seemed like it some days but it's crazy how it all happens from one moment to the next.

Took long enough to get in and on buckled and set one last pic of the Island Airport.

Marley didn't skip a beat she is on and set even a little comfortable :-) That a girl!!

Maui off in the corner I believe. I'll be returning one day can't stay away from sky's like that! (Mark have the blender ready!)

"Cause I'm leaving on a jet plane..."

This is what I'd like to call my 5 P's (Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance) I CANNOT stress having as much as you can for a toddler on a plane luckily Marley is a simple happy girl to please is with ease (lol) But snacks is a MUST,books, toys, coloring pads, stickers, LIQUIDS!, pillow, movies, and most importantly SILKY! (Marley's favorite blanket)

Without all these modern inventions I don't think I would ever in my life even consider traveling alone. FORGET ABOUT IT! It was A LOT to carry but worth my sanity. Thanks to all those many things I brought along this trip there wasn't a single moment of fuss or frustration. Marley did such a great job and was well entertained throughout that five and a half hour flight between nap time, snack time, and play/movie time everything went as smooth as any parent could wish. The worst thoughts came to my mind prior to this and the disasters I made up were far from coming true so I call this my trip success. :-)

 My sweet baby napping. I may suggest night time diapers! WINNERS in my book with all the liquids taken during the trip and the bathrooms being the least favorite spot for anyone traveling the diapers were an amazing help and very convenient with there fancy ways of absorbing EXTREME amounts of liquids THEY WORK!

Finding different ways to keep her comfortable and to maintain her sleep mode was not easy to maneuver. I felt so bad, she kept moving and had no place to go and this girl is a CRAZY sleeper. I finally ended up taking her out of the car seat and tried to hold her to sleep, it didn't last long but I'm sure it helped her get a few more minutes into her sleep mode.

Snack time!! My last cups of P.O.G (passion, orange, guava) Even if the mainland were to offer such a delicious beverage it would never be the same!

BIG, no HUGE thanks to the inventors of the portable DVD player a true life savor and entertainment for us both. Our feature presentation consisted on Alice in Wonderland (GREAT movie), so glad Marley has great taste in flicks.

Arrival in Seattle... it was COLD -_-

Seattle to Reno needless to say the flight wasn't nearly as pretty or as close to that blue in beautiful paradise.

Xmas ready and this girl was up at 5:30am to 7pm local time and 3:30a.m to 5p.m Hawaii time. The time gap was something I worried about and keeping her on schedule but this girl pulled through the whole day and powered through the jet lag to get back onto her normal schedule within two days, she didn't skip a beat and if it wasn't for her greatness this trip would've been a nightmare. Thanks Marley!!

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  1. That is just so great to hear! I could only imagine your fears of her reaction throughout the flight! Sounds like she was just a blessing beyond blessing for this trip home. Great job super mom!