Friday, January 13, 2012


Leaving is never easy. Saying goodbyes are always hard. Life happens so fast sometimes, today I have a second to pause and actually process a little of what is going on or I should say what went on. I don't even know where to start one minute I'm there the next I'm here. I cannot begin to express how much love and appreciation I have for the ones I love and how thankful I am for every opportunity that has come out from all the life experiences that have come and gone and continue to be. Nothing is impossible and with the love support and care from the true and few around it could have never felt any better. I came to Hawaii not knowing what to expect and I left knowing I was exactly where I was supposed to be when I was supposed to be there. I've gained another forever beautiful home and I know I don't have to be there to know that I will always be welcomed back with open arms filled with love.

I'd like to dedicate this post to Mark and Robin Schweitzer who have been amazing friends/family from the beginning. The whole Hawaii experience probably would have never happened with out you guys, Hawaii was never even a thought in my mind but because of the love we have for each other and the relationship we have built Marley and I have had a life experience others only dream of. So thank you! We love you guys so much and it has only been a few weeks and I left missing you before I even left but as much as I think of you, I carry you guys in my heart always and that definetly keeps me smiling. Its funny the things I think of daily that just make me burst out in laughs and then I think to myself how crazy I must look and laugh even more. I find myself saying silly things only we would understand, I see things in the store that remind me of things we would do and all I can do is smile sit back and think of all the wonderful times we had and I know that in the future there are only more to come. Hawaii was beautiful but the time we spent together was what mattered the most. I learned a lot about myself being so far away from everything I ever knew and it feels good to know I have found such a big piece of myself to be able to continue on to another chapter in my life and from here on who knows where I'll end up :-p I'd go on but I'd probably end up crying myself to sleep from a combination of feelings and emotions and all that girly bullshit lol

I Love You Guys!! Thanks Again for EVERYTHING!!!

Pure Love


These Will ALWAYS make me laugh!

Jerz What?!?!

Epic Duck Face FAIL lol

Moments :-)

F-U Right In The Face!The One On Ur Arm!!

Pick Me A Winner!!

Zombie M&M

Great Pic!

Im So Excited!! Lol

Pool Time!

Park Time!

Beach Time!

All the time and EVERY time always equaled a Good Time :-) And now I need A Fucking blended drink MARK!!!!!

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